Business for Sale

If you are considering to sell your business, it is very important to make sure that the business is ready for sale. Unless a business looks attractive to the potential buyer, it would be very difficult to sell or it may end up going for a sub optimal price at best. To assess if your business is ready for sale, get your free readiness for sale evaluation by contacting us

At The sales House we will work with you to prepare your business for sale including: -

1. Determining the value of your company
2. Packaging your business financials to attract buyers
3. Planning your exit strategy and transition processes well in advance
4. Increasing your sales to boost the valuation as you approach buyers
5. Assembling and managing the transaction team
6. Pre-qualifying your buyers
7. Helping to negotiate the best deal for you
8. Coordinating all the documentation
9. Managing any Post Sale issues on your Behalf

If you would like to buy an existing business in full or in part, kindly contact us for a list of the businesses, which are ready, and on offer for sale.
You may also enquire about our database of ready to launch turnkey new business projects, if you need to start a new business.